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Texting Etiquette

Today I thought I would write about a few insights I have had recently while dating. Oh, this should be entertaining.  But I have to promise myself I will not let this turn into a rant session.  Good luck with … Continue reading

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Lions,Turkeys and Bees….Oh my!

Guess, who’s gone?  Herp?  No, I wish.  He’s hanging on for dear life and serious cramping my lifestyle.  I was actually avoiding seeing my new “male” friend this weekend but finally caved in after some carefully applied concealer (which honestly … Continue reading

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39,933 to go

Good afternoon my blog reading friends!  I’m back.  Where did I go you ask?  Well, I started to write for about 5 minutes this morning but ended up stopping shortly thereafter because I had to go to the bathroom.  No, … Continue reading

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Family meeting

Well, it looks like I definitely broke all of the rules yesterday.  No shower which obviously means zero attempt at any beauty regiment. No meditation although I sat in my meditation room most of that day, which kinda counts, right? … Continue reading

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