New Morning Routine

Well, I’ve figured out a way to start off my day on a positive note.  2 words.  Dance Party.  Oh yes, I’ve decided that every morning I’m going to get up and put on some tunes for 15 minutes (minimum) and have my own little private dance party.  I love to dance and a great music always puts me in a good mood.

This brilliant idea hit me yesterday as I decided to make a mix CD appropriately titled “Summer Jamz 2012” for my BFF.  (Yes, I’m 40 and officially using terms like BFF).  I actually can’t remember the last time I made a mix CD or used a word that I switched the “S to a Z” but it all felt light, fun and carefree so I went for it.

See, I was heading to my BFF’s daughter’s 8th birthday dinner when I decided to sync up my iPod with some new tunes.  My daughter has a knack of finding awesome new artists and I have a knack of paying for a big iTunes bill each month.  Perfect match, eh?

Once, I tried to put her on iTunes restriction once by only giving her a limited amount of gift card dollars each month but then I got too lazy to actually go out and keep buying the cards so that eventually dropped off .  Plus, when I wanted to download my own tunes, it would use her credits first instead of my credit card and then it just all felt too complicated. It seemed like more work for me than teaching her the concept of “music moderation” so I scratched that idea.  In addition, she told me that music fuels her soul and she can’t live with only 10 new songs a month so how can I put a cap on that? 🙂

I’m pretty sure when she goes to college, she’s going to go through iTunes withdrawal and likely will turn to the dark side of free music download sites for her music fix.  For some reason I taught my kids it’s more honorable to pay for your music then get it for free.  They agreed, especially when I am footing the bill.  😦

Anyway, every couple of months, I ask her to sync her laptop up with the family computer so I can download some of the things she is listening to (and I’m technically buying) which pretty much has me uploading to range of Top 40, Alternative, Indie and general miscellaneous of current popular teenage songs, explicit lyrics and all . 🙂

One day while we were in the car, out of no where, she busted out some old school N’Sync.  I was so excited I started dancing and singing which I think totally shocked her especially since I knew all of the words.  And ok, I admit it.  I had (um, had? Have) a thing for Justin Timberlake.  Crazy.  (Speaking of which, Insert song clip here, You drive me crazy, I just can’t sleep, I’m so excited, I’m in too deep) Thanks, Britney Spears circa 1999.  They were such a cute couple back in the day, don’t you think?

See, once I learn the lyrics to a song, it sticks in my head…forever.  So often, when I am typing or saying a word, I get a song clip that starts playing in my mental background along with a video clip if I have that in my brain archive as well. I grew up on MTV too.  That was really back in the day when they used to play music videos 24/7.  Do you remember in the early 80’s when there was only like 10 music videos that they played over and over and over again? 🙂

So guess, what I started the morning off with today?  Justin Bieber!  Did I say that outloud?  Yes, I’m 40 years old and me and the Bieb’s were getting swaggy (sp?).  I’m sure I’m not spelling or even using that term correctly but who cares.  I’ve got dance fever.  I’ll spare you the flashback song that just popped into my head which strangely was Bee-Gee’s related.  Hmm. Odd coming off a few new hits from JB but I try not to question my madness. Don’t worry, I’ve got some higher quality musical tastes too.

The good news is that I’m definitely reconnecting with myself and this is just one of the new ways I’m finding some inner happiness.  There are a couple of great things about my new morning routine like I don’t have to do my hair, makeup or put on some sexy outfit to strut down the hallway and feel awesome.  Also, I don’t need a date or need to be at a club to whip out my best moves.  But most importantly it just feels really good and makes me happy….and that is really the only thing that matters most. 🙂

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6 Responses to New Morning Routine

  1. bossymoksie says:

    Fun! I always love to listen to ‘swaggy’ music while getting ready to go out!

  2. Sounds soooo fun!! I love it!!

  3. OMG — yes, I’m 40 “something” and use terms like OMG and BFF, too! — I totally (hehe) related to this post. Great idea to start your day with a dance party; I shall have to consider that myself (when no one is around). I too have the iTune daughters who are so in tune to the new music scene, yet respect our “oldies.” Yes, I do remember when MTV and VH1 actually played music videos; I guess they’re all on youtube now. I, too, taught — demanded — that my daughters pay for their music and not use the illegal share sites… it’s nice I’m not the only fuddy-duddy insisting on ethics and integrity. But now my daughter (she’s 20) mixes CD’s for me — and she’s actually quite good at it!


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