Spring Cleaning

Yep, tomorrow is the big day.  And I’m definitely ready to do it.  First thing right after I wake up…well I should say, after my 2 big glasses of water, meditation, morning hike and blueberry/almond milk smoothie…I’m going to TACKLE MY CLOSET!!

It’s time.  It’s actually past time.  I’ve got to get cracking on this “non working” project check list which ironically I can’t seem to find.  2 months ago, I made a nice long list of all of the things I would like to accomplish and haven’t done a thing with it, besides misplace it or maybe I threw it away?  Look, I have been productive! 😉

Do you know why I am going to clean my bedroom closet? 4 simple reasons. (Did you notice my lucky number?)


I don’t think I have mentioned to my entire blog world…my girlfriend Leslie called me last weekend and it was like a sign from the universe.  I’ve actually been waiting to go to Bali for quite a long time.  Yes even before Eat, Pray, Love made it a soul searching destination spot and I need to survey what I’m going to take and/or need to get for my trip. I’m going to try and refrain from talking about this every day but I’m so damn excited, I can hardly stand it! BALI BABY!!

2) I have a dinner date on Monday night with someone I’m definitely interested in.

And instead of trying on 4 outfits 30 minutes prior to leaving and then deciding I have nothing to wear, I’m going to figure this out in advance to avoid the clothing date crisis.  I’m looking for a cross between smart and sexy.  Could be tricky but I’m up for the challenge.

3) Nothing fits 😦

With all of my detoxing, exercise, etc over the last 6 months, I’ve actually dropped a few pounds and a lot of my clothes are too big.  And I can assure you, there is nothing sexy about baggy, loose, don’t forget to pull up your jeans every 5 minutes attire.  I definitely need some new shorts and at least a belt or two asap.

4) Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Women’s Sale is ON!

So if I do need anything for either of said 1, 2 or 3, let’s get it on sale, shall we?  I mean, last time I checked, money is not growing on trees these days.  Although I did purchase a “money tree” at one of my start up companies a few years ago just for the good vibe energy and we did get acquired 2 years later.  So I definitely consider this plant a good luck charm but certainly haven’t seen any one hundred dollar bills sprouting off of it yet.

And speaking of vibes, I’m actually curious to really take a good look at the current vibe of my wardrobe with all of the changes I have been going through the last few months.  Want to hear something interesting?  When I left my marriage 4 years ago and unpacked all of my clothes in my new house I noticed something strange. Everything in my closet was black, navy blue or cranberry red.  Ok, maybe with some sprinkles of charcoal grey and chocolate brown.  But essentially it was like all of my clothes were in mourning, completely void of color.  It was all just so dark.  After reflection of this, I realized I had unconsciously been playing out my feelings of sadness and loneliness through my clothing color choices which had totally banned any bright happy color options.  Fascinating, don’t you think?

So, I can’t wait to see what I discover tomorrow…I’ve already got a feeling I’m going to find a lot of pinks and purples because well, I’ve been going through an “embrace my feminine” phase over the last few years.  I’m also prepared to find a lot of ruffles because who doesn’t love a good fun ruffle?  Wish me luck and if you don’t hear from me by the end of the day, please send out a search party for a closet rescue mission!

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One Response to Spring Cleaning

  1. bossymoksie says:

    Good luck! (with closet and date0 I hate cleaning out closet but always feel a lot better afterwards.

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