Field Trip to Peet’s

Hi!  Today is a brand new week and I’m exciting to be writing because it’s feels like forever since I last posted something.  Ok, well, technically it’s only been 5 days but that sure seems like forever.   I’ve been busy over the last few days doing other “stuff” so it’s nice to get back to the writing because I’ve missed it.

And do you want to know where I’m writing from, Peet’s!  Doesn’t that seem cool and kinda..writer-ish?  I have a close friend that is a writer and she has mentioned that sometimes she likes write in other places like a café or a coffee shop so when the house cleaners arrived and I wanted to get out of their way, I thought I’d give it a try!  Peet’s is perfect because it’s close, easy and has Wi-Fi.  What more could I ask for?  Oh, well, there is just one tiny thing, a Christmas tree air freshener I can hang around my neck.

You know the ironic thing about going to a coffee shop is that I don’t even drink coffee but in an hour or so, I’m going to walk out smelling like one big giant coffee bean.  Has anyone else ever noticed that?  Like all of that coffee bean essential oil just lingers in the air, patiently waiting for the unsuspecting patrons to walk in the door and get attacked by this invisible scent.  It’s kinda like Abercombie but for beverage addicts (if you haven’t been in one of their stores, they spray all of the clothes with their fragrance) and I’m sure all of the coffee lovers don’t mind but I have to say, I’m ready to stand up for the tea drinkers and protest!!  Remember the old smoking sections they used to have in restaurants?  I think they should have some type of non coffee drinkers section that protect us from second hand coffee stank.  I’m going to look into this and start a petition.  Or maybe just bring an air purifier with me? Ah, I know, I’ll get a coffee jacket, just like a smoking jacket and only wear it when I go to Peet’s or Starbucks.  Genius.  I’m all over it.

But I’m lured in by the Wi-FI so I decide to suck it up and hop in the car.  Then I hear a little voice inside my head, “Hey maybe you will meet the man of your dreams at Peet’s?” Yahoo!   Hmm, at 1:30PM? Shouldn’t the man of your dreams be, um, working?  Yes, good point.  But maybe he is independently wealthy and is now hanging around enjoying life.  If that’s the case, hopefully he’s got bigger dreams than Peet’s on a Monday afternoon.   I take a quick look in the rear view mirror and then think, even if the man of your dreams IS at Peet’s contemplating solutions to end world hunger, he won’t even notice you looking like that…

Ah, another valid point.  I’m in ‘work out’ gear which all seems to be relatively matching so it’s not that horrid.  But with my hair pulled back, slicked up into the high pony tail, that could likely be a deal killer. Oh well.  I then think, wouldn’t it be great to meet the man of your dreams NOT looking super attractive and he still falls madly in love with you anyway? Yes!  Then when you get all dressed up, it’s like bonus points. Zero to sexy hero in 3.5 seconds (ok, I’ll need a bit more time to shower, shave and curl) but you get the picture  Aren’t we setting ourselves up for failure looking our super hottest bestest most fab-u-lous right off the bat anyway?  If they meet you when you look amazing, well, then it’s just all downhill from there. But as I walk into Peet’s, I realize I don’t have to worry because the majority of the men in here are over 65 and I’d really prefer to meet someone closer to my age anyway.

Mr. E likes to think about meeting someone new a lot.  I think it’s just like if I was in the desert with no water, what do you think I would be thinking about all day? Yep, water.  So, since I’m single, all Mr. E likes to do is think, at any moment, at any time, at any place, I could meet “The One”.  Regardless, the brilliance for him is it’s the perfect set up, he can either play the “not looking good enough” card for this potential chance meeting or the “disappointment” card when Mr. Wonderful doesn’t magically appear at the gas station, hiking trail, Trader Joe’s, (insert location name here).  Mr. E tries to tell me I need a man because I’m never going to be happy alone.

But luckily my Soul has stepped in when this record starts to play because, I honestly feel great being on my own and embarking on this incredible stage of my life.  Now, would I like some companionship? Sure.  Would I like to get, you know, a little action? Most definitely.  But I’ve come too far down my path over the last couple of years just to hang out with someone to pass the time.  There is nothing more than Mr. E. loves than the drama of dating and relationships.  Those dynamics seem to bring out the best and worst in us all. 🙂 So for now, I’ve given it up to the universe and happy to stick with Miss Independent and go with the flow.

So, I walk into Peet’s and survey the joint.  Hmm, now I’m not sure how productive I am going to be able to be, because there are A LOT of distractions here which Mr. E loves too.  And again, if I let him, either way he wants to win.  If I start the mental complaining about it, he’s happy with the negative attitude, and if I am too distracted to write, that works for him too.  People chatting, the noise of the coffee grinder, baristas yelling across the store, running water, washing stuff.  This feels like the ultimate “being present” test, observing all that is going on around me but not getting caught up in it.  I’ll show him!  So far the biggest challenge has actually been standing in front of the tempting goodies.  Chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon rolls, oh and banana bread, (Yummy!) and resisting the urge to indulge on a little afternoon treat.  Oh, yes, I hear you E, my friend.  I know, I always deserve a little something sweet, well, just because.  Yes, this definitely a test.  Step away from the dessert window!  I have zero willpower when it comes to Chocolate Chip cookies and he knows it.

I make it through with just some herbal tea, grab a seat and attempt to hook up to their Wi-Fi.  I get a message that basically says, only free wi-fi for an hour as a courtesy to other guests so you don’t sit around here all day long.  An hour?   I thought they might like people hanging out because it gives them more time to wear you down on purchasing a tasty morsel.  They know even though I passed on the first round, it’s just a matter of time before I cave in. (Eat me!)  Did you hear that?  I think the cookies are calling me.  And, I’m going to need an access code for the Wi-Fi?  (Eat me!) There it is again. (Actually I’m not sure if that was my voice in reference to having to get a code or the cookies.)  I don’t want to go back up to the counter because I know I won’t make it back alone.

Forget the stupid Wi-Fi, I’ll just write in a word doc.  AH-HA!  That will show them and those nasty cookies too.  And hey, Mr. Peet since I’m not using your free one hour Wi-Fi and I’ve already paid $2.15 for my cup of tea, I think that gives me permission to sit here all day long!  And if they try to kick me out, I’m might start screaming about the personal odor violations and I’m not talking about my own!

Actually, I’m feeling a little tired today so I’m not sure this will be too long.  My butt is starting to hurt in this wooden chair.  Well, that actually makes sense because I have literally been sitting on my ass for the last 2 days.  This weekend I went with a couple of girlfriends to an Inspiration/Spiritual Conference.  It was 2 full days and I think we listened to approx 24 speakers (hence the tired buttocks).  But talk about positive energy!  Wow. It’s like taking 48 hours of spiritual crack and by Sunday night, I had definitely overdosed.

This event was put on by HayHouse which is a company started by Louise Hay I think about 25 years ago.  Please note, Louise is now 85 years old and shared the Sunday morning key note speech with another author.  The energy that this woman had was incredible.  She has an amazing story that I first learned about through the book, You Can Heal Your Life. Among her incredible accomplishments like curing he own cancer when she was younger, she started this business at 60 years old and here she is 25 years later and not just thriving but absolutely healthy, happy and completely enjoying life.  Truly an inspiration.

Well, my hour is just about up and I’m starting to feel like caffeine is getting injected into my pores so I think I’ll wrap up for now.  While this has been enlightening, I think I prefer the quiet cozy cushioned comfort of my own home.  Well, my butt for sure does.  What can I say, I’m an introvert. 🙂  Good topic for tomorrow.  Have a great night!

P.S. To my wonderful friend H.B. who sits on the Peet’s board, please note, it is not my intent to in anyway disparage the fine brand name of Peet’s per se.  It is not personal because Starbucks has the same issue.  I actually go to Peet’s (for you….ok, not really) but because I do love Peet’s Xiao’s Blend herbal tea.  I in no way hold you responsible for the odoriferous environment but please feel free to bring up my suggestion for the segregated tea section at the next board meeting. xoxo

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