“I should be productive today.  No really, I’m serious.  Let me review my mental time off approved project list.  Ok.  Hmm.  Nope, don’t feel like doing that one. No, not that one either.  Uh, I could do that one but that would take a trip to the mall, unappealing.  Well, I could unpack my books?  Perfect!”

I have 4 big boxes of books that are sitting in my garage from when I moved into my new house 6 months ago. I used to have stacks of books in my bedroom at my old house and I’ve decided the bedroom should be a clear energy zone for only relaxing, sleeping and sex. (Which I’m officially getting none of at the moment but I’ll save that for another day.) So, I’ve been wanting to purchase a new book case (book case or bookcase?) to put in the closet of my meditation room but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.  I think I’ll unpack my books today and survey what we need to get this going.

See, my new house has more rooms than my old house so I decided to create a meditation room.  Because in my old house, I would tell myself the reason why I wasn’t meditating on a regular basis is because I didn’t have an official “meditation spot”.  You know, a chair, a corner, a cushion, a room that was just for meditation only.  Because if I did, then that would make it easier and more official.  (Hmm, note to self;  I’m starting to sense a theme about things in my life needing being “official”)  And that was certainly the core problem with my lack of focus and execution with meditation.

I really needed something somewhere to inspire and develop this important practice and since I didn’t have it, it must be the whole reason why I just couldn’t stick with it.  I had myself completely convinced that this was definitely the sole the reason I wasn’t able to make it consistent priority in my life. (Suck-er!) I would often think to myself that if I only had a meditation room, I would do it all day, every day and turn into a 24/7 meditating machine. (Notice the oxymoron there? Meditating Machine?) So, when I moved into this house and  I realized I would FINALLY have my long awaited sanctuary to set up my very own meditation space.  I could see the clouds parting.. and hear the angels singing from above…Hal-le-lu-jah!  TA-DA!  Problem solved.  Zen mind, here I come!

Fast forward to 6 months later.  How much time do you think I have spent in my “meditation room”.  Um…well, (Insert cough here)… very little.  Yep, I think I maybe have mediated oh, about 3 or 4 times in that room over the last few months.  I’m thinking about officially renaming it the “aquarium room” because the only beings that are spending time in that room are the fish!  And that’s only because they don’t have a choice.  They are stuck in there.  Trapped.  Nowhere to go and Nemo isn’t coming to save them.  I’m hopeful they are logging in some good meditation time because something should be getting some decent use out of that room.

You should see it….it’s really a beautifully decorated room.  When I moved in, I put a fresh coat of a “Feug Shi Consultant Approved” paint color, I’ve got this nice big tall plant in the corner to represent the earth energy, I purchased an aquarium with lots of little bright colorful fish for my water elemental aspect, I bought 2 new leather “mediation” chairs that allow me to sit with the perfect mediation posture, I found a cool “reflection” side table so I can float some fresh flowers or candles, I picked up a luscious new silk rug from my trip to Turkey last summer, I hung my favorite Buddha picture on the wall AND even found an old antique Chinese wood altar to display my deepest most meaningful treasures upon. What more could one ask for?  It’s incredible and fit for a meditation queen.  Hmm. I guess the one thing I forgot to purchase was a person to do the “actual mediating part”.

So. With that said, why the heck am I not meditating in my amazing meditation room?  Good question, let’s find out, shall we?  Here is a summary of everything I have ever heard in my head about that room.

“I don’t know what it is but every time I sit in this room to meditate, it just doesn’t seem right. I think it’s that damn fish tank.  That humming filter noise is distracting. Or maybe I need a different pillow?  Yes, better back support is the answer.  Ah, I know.  I’m pretty sure need my books because it seems lonely in here and being surrounded by books will give us something to do.  Yes, let’s read!  That will fix it.  It’s too boring in here.  There is nothing to do but sit here.”

“In the morning, it’s too bright in here, and when I come in here the evening, it’s then definitely too dark. Ok, the thing that is really bothering me is that I really don’t like that shed outside. It looks scary. I can see it right through the window and I wonder if anything spooky has happened in there.  Sure, I can close the blinds, but then it seems small and very confining in here. And, then if there is an axe murderer outside, I won’t be able to see him coming.  Oh, I’m not really scared? Fine.  Well, how come there is nothing to do in here then?”

“Oh, yes, now that I can actually think about it, it’s just completely the wrong atmosphere in general.  I think I need some different stuff in here.  It doesn’t quite feel inviting enough. I think I should buy some new stuff.  Maybe add some more color in here to liven up the place? New pictures? Games? Music?  A disco ball?  I don’t know.  It just doesn’t work.  And, I’m pretty sure it’s located in the wrong part of the house. Ah, that’s it, let’s move the meditation area to a different section of the house.  It will definitely work better somewhere else.”

Well, how do you like that?  Mr. E. asked for a meditation room, I gave him one and he now doesn’t like it?  That’s a little ungrateful, don’t you think?  Seems like he has managed to come up with more excuses than we ever had before!  See, the Ego is never satisfied and there will always be 101 excuses as to why.  But, you want to know the real reason?  What is hidden way down deep at the core of it that even Mr. E can’t admit out loud is that he DOES NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES want this body to sit down, be quiet and still.  Because he is just smart enough to know, that is the best time I can hear my soul and connect with Spirit.  Which means he gets kicked to the curb.  

Regardless of Mr. E’s on-going agenda, you will be happy to know that I AM meditating fairly consistently since I’ve moved in, just not in my swanky mediation room.  And I find that totally funny and insane at the same time!  One reason why I moved into this house was Location, Location, Location. Not for the 70’s powder blue bathroom.  I happen to live on a beautiful piece of property that backs up to a creek which means I mediate mostly outside in my amazing backyard. (Well, I should say, when its warm enough for Mr. E because you know he is always cold and whining so I often have to get him a nice blanket to keep him quiet.) And as I mentioned in my prior post, any opportunity to surround myself with any extra dose of that wonderful feminine mother nature energy is worth it.  Can a meditation space really get any better than that? And if, I meditate inside, it’s on my couch.  Please note, yes, the same couch that I had before that certainly didn’t work then but seems to be fine now.

Meditation has made a huge difference in my life. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially. (Opps, sorry, not financially I was just on an “ally” roll.)  And the great thing is that there so many different types of meditation practices to choose from, there is truly something for everyone.  It really just depends on each individual’s personal preference…here are a few of my favorites.

– Breath meditation focuses on putting your attention on your breathing patterns and rhythms.  You know, In, Out, In, Out (Hey reader! Get your mind out of the gutter!) In, Out, In, Out.  (Um, Sorry. I think those where actually my thoughts not yours.  That’s called projection. But you know, it’s just been a while..)

– Sound meditation is experienced with live instruments like drums or singing bowls or by listening to a great audio CD.  Some CD’s even have specific tones and vibrations that recalibrate brain waves to Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta states for deeper relaxation.  I usually fall asleep in about 2 minutes when I listen to relaxation music CD so it really must be working!  HA!  But I do wake up when it’s finally over and boy, do I feel totally refreshed!

– Mindful meditation is a method that teaches us to clear the mind, quiet the emotions and calm the body.  This method is done in silence and this allows one to truly “observe” all of the voices going on within our heads. And boy, aren’t there a lot of them!

– Guided visual meditations are my favorite.  This has someone talking the majority of the time guiding your mind into different suggested states or questions of reflection.  This is always good for me because it’s a bit of a distraction for my mind because I feel like I’m “doing something” and focusing on just one voice which is luckily, none of my own. 

I also really like body movement meditation like Tai-Chi or Qi-Gong. Think Karate Kid, wax on, wax off kinda thing.

Have you ever tried any meditation practices?  Do you have any particular favorites? If not, maybe you can try one sometime.  There is definitely something for everyone to enjoy.  It just takes practice, practice, practice.  Oh and patience too.  (And those are definitely 2 P word that aren’t anywhere near related to my Mr. P.)  The process of exploration can be fun, kinda of like trying on a bunch of shoes until you find your favorite pair.  They should be warm, comfortable and shouldn’t hurt your feet or create blisters.  If they are too painful, you will just toss them in the back of your closet or happily throw them in your next Goodwill donation bag which I can assure you, Mr. E. will gladly drop off for you. Isn’t he a sweetie?

Now, back to my med room. I’ll have to think about what to do here to get settled in.  I’m definitely going to go bring in my books so that will give me a chance to scope the place out more and get creative. Let’s go check it out again.  Oh, no.  Look, the door is closed and it’s very quiet. I think there is something going on inside.  Maybe some type of meditation session? The fish must be doing some deep spiritual work and gosh, I would really hate to bother them. But I don’t want to be left out, either.  I want to join them too!  They are probably working on their path to enlightenment but something tells me…. by just being present in the moment, they are already there.  Ok, I’m brave and I’m going in. 🙂  Bye Mr. E.  Hasta la vista baby!

I’ll be back.

Nice Arnold Schwarzenegger accent.

Touche,  Mr. E. Touche.

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