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80’s Flashbacks & New Super Power

Today is the big day!  Yep, my oil change outing. WOO-HOO.  Ok, that’s just sad.  I’m not sure what I’m getting so excited about, being productive or leaving my house.  Either way, I’m definitely concerned about myself.  But regardless, it … Continue reading

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Blog Envy

Another glorious day.  Actually, what day is it?  You know since I’ve been off the corporate treadmill, all of the days seem to blend together.  Let’s check the calendar.  Ah, it’s Wednesday.  Do you know what that means?  Absolutely nothing. … Continue reading

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One thing that I might have not mentioned yesterday is that with that little burst of honey making energy, a “to do” list magically appeared out of no where. See, the Executive is really good at making lists of all … Continue reading

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Man Magnet

Hola mi amigos! Como estas? Now, before you start whipping out your Spanish bilingual skills, let me confess, I only know about 12 words in Spanish.  So if you don’t respond according to the standard conversation etiquette, thus enabling me … Continue reading

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39,933 to go

Good afternoon my blog reading friends!  I’m back.  Where did I go you ask?  Well, I started to write for about 5 minutes this morning but ended up stopping shortly thereafter because I had to go to the bathroom.  No, … Continue reading

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Life of an Introvert

Ah, the comfort of home.  I’m writing today from my good old couch all warm and toasty with the lovely scent of gardenias in the background.  Definitely a step up from yesterday’s aroma. I thought we could start where I … Continue reading

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Field Trip to Peet’s

Hi!  Today is a brand new week and I’m exciting to be writing because it’s feels like forever since I last posted something.  Ok, well, technically it’s only been 5 days but that sure seems like forever.   I’ve been busy … Continue reading

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